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Left or Right?

Swipe left or swipe right, it’s become quite a daily ritual of mine in these recent weeks. It is actually just one big joke, to so many looking for their Tinderella whilst the other three quarters of my surrounding 20km radius are searching for nothing but a root and boot. So as I could imagine for some, Tinder is just a glorious time waster and free amusement and for others it’s a cheap fast slut. However there are a tiny portion of people who actually indulge their time in searching for someone, a special someone.

A match is a great notification to receive, but there are still so many things that can come of it. Either they become a serial “like your moment” type of guy, they actually talk to you or they just sit there like a lonely person. If a guy decides to actually speak to you, whether it be the beginning of a conversation of a response to your message, what do you talk about? I’ve had my share of sports fanatics and sexually orientated conversations, but one can only stoop low for so long. I guess it’s a line society forgot to draw, the line of personal and public. I guess this line has become all too blurry with the uproar in social media. But how much is too much to give away to a perfect stranger? There’s the debate of opening up in order to actually get to know a person, but should the sharing not be equal? From experience, only one party provide the questions and the other party provides the answers, but shows no interest in forwarding their own questions back. That is how a conversation dies pronto.

So far in the hundreds of swipes my poor fingers have endured, I’ve only come across a handful of suitors, most of which allow the conversation to die rather fast. Then there’s the few who can hold a decent conversation, the ones I’ve actually become friends with. I speak with them daily, their name becoming almost household. One of them I met the other day and it was great to have a lengthy conversation with someone, someone who genuinely listened to my story as I did there’s. Although it still remains an issue in deliberating over whether this lunch was a date or just lunch?

How do you decide what is or isn’t a date? I mean do you justify it in the organisation of the meeting or do you just wing it in the hope it becomes something more? But what is more? Is more something other than just a coffee or is food included? Do we classify any form of physical contact as an automatic date or is it based on the classification of contact? But is a simple generic hug classified as date worthy contact or is that too cliched to be anything but a friendly greeting? I honestly don’t know where the line is drawn, it is a tough topic that we ultimately must deliberate with the other person to decide, however going on a date with a ultimate stranger is also confronting and nerve racking. So maybe we establish the classification of meeting based on our own conscience and nerves, but even then, what if you’re just nervous about meeting the guy you’ve been looking for?

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