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Get a Room

So I once met this guy, he told me that he classifies a date based on whether there is any form of a kiss at the end. But there’s all different kinds of kisses; kiss on the cheek, kiss on the lips, kiss on the hand or any other kiss the “date” may lead to. But it got me thinking, is there a certain time for this kiss to occur during a date or is it just part of a standard goodbye? Do you greet a person you don’t know very well on the cheek or are the cheeks strictly for goodbyes and the famous Wog family gatherings?

But a kiss in public can be misconstrued for too much public display of affection (PDA), so where does society draw that line? Do we call out “Get a room!” once the kiss becomes a full on snog fest lasting more than 3 seconds or when our drifting hands wander? I honestly don’t understand what compels people to openly share their private acts of love and lust with society. Can people not just simply peck and go? It seems not, even those in love have no sense of privacy.

I experienced a very awkward situation on my way home the other night, this couple were very open with their relationship, sharing loudly their intimate details and expressing their love very publicly. Kissing, hands wondering and love bites were all part of the soft porn I witnessed. The personal display of affection was too much to handle but too disgusting to look away from when the train is crowded. I don’t understand what profound thoughts people have to indulge complete strangers in their love life.

Does privacy not tick all the boxes these days or is society so wound up in the Hollywood world that they crave a sense of danger to increase their enjoyment? We are not cavemen, we have homes – preferably ones with beds – so it should not be rude if one was to tell you to get a room should it? But maybe this is the new way of life, I see adolescent couple all the time, holding hands and wrapping their arms around each other, is this what we have become; a Hollywood fantasy of love and romance?

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  1. Just let love be love. People are different. If you feel the need to kiss someone then do it, if someone criticises you, let them, it’s nothing to do with them 🙂


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