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My mind is a mess. I’m full of lost thoughts, endless matters and sporadic misjudgment of what “adulthood” means. How is adulthood defined? Is it defined by constant partying, alcohol and drugs? Is it defined by adventure and travels? Is it defined by working to just stand on your own two feet? Is it a combination of everything that’s almost so hard to squeeze into a tiny 168 hours?

Are we becoming so absorbed in being young that we forget the serious side of life? We can’t all afford to spend our money’s in the early hours of the mornings, but there are also very few who prefer to spend a Saturday night wrapped in sheets with just one other person. It’s both a cheaper option but it comes with a cost of intimacy which very few males are actually capable of providing.

What happened to the good old-fashioned relationships with the travel, the adventure, the fun and romance? Did I skip a beat or does this generation suck?

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