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So I’m pretty sure such thing as the “bro code” exists, correct? Even for us females there is such thing as “sisters before misters”, but have we become so evolved in the sexual orientations of life that we think of our genitals before our friends? We girls gossip, it’s as simple as that. We know everything about every immediately close female friend. This means we know about all the guys affiliated with those females, give or take a few minor details. We know how good you are in bed, how great you are at cuddles and if you snore in your sleep – and you probably haven’t even met us yet.

From experience, less is best. There is no need for your friends to know details as to how big he is or what turns him on. Do you want your friends developing such a close relationship with your man that you either loose him to her or what you have with him ends and she pounces? Either way you loose – you lose a friend and you lose a guy. I often wonder if some girls are capable of meeting a guy themselves or if they simply survive of the remainders of your carcass.

I was having a conversation with a male friend the other day, he mentioned to me that he once lost a girl he’d been crushing on to one of his best mates. Now I’m curious, do guys even gossip? Surely you would have told your mate you were interested in a girl or not? I guess it always seems simpler to a guy to let things go when there’s no love involved. I guess for females, some fault in your friends developing close relationships with your man is your own fault for telling so much. I understand gossip, but sometimes our foretelling of events leads our friends to lust what they can’t have. For guys, who knows what compels their mates to steal a girl. Maybe there’s an expiry date, maybe you have so long before your mate decides you took too long to please her and interrupt.

Have we developed a society of backstabbing friends who don’t comprehend the “bro code”?

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