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Desperation is one of those pet hates that we all have in common – yet we all know some desperate person. They’re annoying and they over-think constantly and become irrational and neglect their current life in the process of prematurely beginning their cat collection. However, in amongst my most current magazine collection I came across more than enough articles on surviving the “single life” or “dry spell”. One of the articles I came across was written by a woman who had spent nine years as a “single Pringle”, up until her new relationship – to which she is only eight months into. A single Pringle for nine whole years – wouldn’t you become mouldy, forget how certain things felt and lose hope at some point?

But what no one tells you is how to survive it when all your ‘go to’ pals are busy. Recently, I have joined the working class and I enjoy it most days. However, being only twenty and having completed university, most of my friends are still studying like busy little bees. So when I’m working, they’re studying and by the time the weekend hits, they begin their shifts. How do you deal with that? The tertiary year has just begun and already I’m preparing to twiddle my thumbs and wait for someone to announce they have a day off! The only plus side of my depriving social life is that my bed will be constantly warm this winter.

But in saying all of that, what if you’re able to find a person to develop friends with benefits with you? How do you go balancing being single and knowing you can’t fall for them at some point? I mean winter is three months long and autumn and spring still have frosty mornings and cold nights which justifies a snuggle. But how do you find a way to block your emotions to withstand a possible 9 months of cuddles, sleep and sex without the notion of dating and reliability?

How do you survive winter when you’re single and constantly lacking company?

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