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As a female, I know what it’s like to become great at using sophisticated vocabulary and meaningful words. It allows us to undermine our fellow females in the game of life, since after all, we females don’t fight – we bitch. We often abuse this powerful English and create a constantly explosive ball of tension between us and surrounding social circles. We’ve all done it at some point and the reality is that it does indeed happen and we often don’t even realise we did it until we come back down to earth. Words are powerful and they become inked into our memories, each and every time we hear them.

I’ve been through my share of a rough adolescence too – credit to fellow females. The one thing I’ve come to learn in it all, is to only confide in your mother. Mum’s are there for venting and gossiping and no matter what, they believe in helping you in whichever way they can. These days, I have coffee dates with my mother to catch up and bitch and you know what, she’s taken to letting me into her life as well and our relationship is rock solid. Point is ladies, we don’t need to share every feeling or thought with everyone. No one on Twitter or Facebook – for example – need to know that you’re having guy problems or friend problems. Learn when to keep things private my friends.

The fact is, we live in a cyber world – a world where nothing is private and everything is up for interpretation. The way in which we say things, present ourselves and the attitude in which we present determine everything. How can we possibly decrease the rate of depression, bullying and suicide if everything we feel is presented as hatred online? Sure you might have grudge against someone and yes you might find it amusing to hate on them for your own entertainment. But what would possess a person to push someone into a dark and lonely state of mind?

In the end, who’s the better person?

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