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Some time ago, this guy appeared out of no where – like one big shock. At the time it wasn’t right, in fact it was so morally wrong. But that didn’t stop us from talking, messaging and even meeting up for coffee. It was a totally innocent relationship that awoken our eyes to how terrible our own relationships were. Ultimately it ended both of our own relationships. Yet between the two of us, only he chose to rekindle his broken relationship after some time.

I have my own opinions of course, there are a few people who I know of that should escape their unhealthy relationships. Why would you choose to forfeit your happiness for a selfish, unruly female to whom you ultimately become unhappy with? Relationships are supposed to be based upon happiness and communication, yet there are many of us who simply endure it because of love itself? Do you love being silent and miserable that much?

Communication between a couple is key, and if you don’t take the time to communicate yourselves, its more likely than none that your “fake relationship” is probably doomed. I’m no expert on relationships myself, but I for one know that the healthiest relationship starts with a good old chat. I mean they can even end happily if you talk it over – given the circumstances of course.

You are responsible for making your own bed, you have the choice on whether to lie in it or not though.

But in the end, seriously – I’m just an opinionated bystander that believes everyone deserves better.

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