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We have all heard of a rumour at some point in our lives – they’re everywhere. Celebrity gossip, Drama TV Series and even movies have a plot based upon a rumour. Some of us are even unfortunate enough to either be a part of a viral spreading rumour or we win the jackpot and become the star of the center stage.

“I heard she gives oral sex to her best friends brothers.”

One of my all-time favourite tales I once heard of myself. I was the star of the show, I stood under the limelight of abuse and rumours being thrown at me like an ballet dancer receives bouquets and single stem roses. Not your ideal dream-come-true in high school though, is it?

Everything eventually brushes over, in time of course and trust me time goes very slow when you’re under the spot light. It’s hard and very confronting but the one thing I learnt was that, well I’m clearly the better person and I won the game of Chinese whispers. That’s right, I won and although it’s not a game, I consider myself a champion, a champion of my own mind. Being bullied everywhere you turn, it’s one of the greatest challenges no one should have to face and with our current online presence, it’s also so much harder to avoid. Over-coming depression is one of the greatest fights people come to face in this day and age.

It’s a topic that needs to be spoken about, more often than not. So speak.

So being bullied wasn’t the most pleasant time in my life, but it was rather educational for my current well-being. As of right now, there are rumours running their course and although I know the source of their origination, I also know that well – I’m the better person in all of this. We aren’t in high school anymore, in fact we are supposed to be adults to which I’d like to congratulate you on – considering you have the immaturity of a high school student but have enough courage to speak of untruthful events and stories.

Kudos on being an Asshole.

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