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Tinder, I think it’s dead – or at least racing towards it’s death bed. How long is too long on an app such as tinder that is merely used to find random hook-ups? It’s become nothing but a magnet for desperate people looking for desperate sex. Is everything about sex these days?

Speaking as a female that has the capability of going into hibernation with a few blocks of chocolates to feast on and a marathon of romantic movies – Hollywood has had such a bad influence on me. What are we suppose to expect, we get fed from the young age of Cinderella and Snow White that love just pops out of no where and happens so fast and then we proceed to watch “real” romantic movies as we enter our lives as young adults our expectations plummet from nothing to the point of denial.

To be honest, I’m just going to become a nun. I actually think a habit will be so much more suitable, you can binge on chocolate and the best part is, it’ll be well hidden!

So yes, getting back to reality – guys are too complicated and I’m going to become a nun.


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