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27 April 2015

I believe there are two kinds of lonely people; the kind that have no one and the kind that have everyone but yearn for a special connection. I’ve recently categorised myself into the “I’m becoming a nun because it’s too hard to find anyone” category. Which is ironic considering I’m not religious. I would become a cat lady but I’m not a big fan of cats…

So Tinder was a complete flop – in my books at least. I met this guy late last year, we became rather inseparable until out of the blue he became a prick and told me I was too selfish for him. But my mother always said boys do not mature until they are at least twenty-five. I’ll admit, it hurt – but you do what you do.

But I continued with my swiping, clearly more left than right because I’m a fussy person.

My social life is seriously in tip top shape, so I have maybe too much time to swipe. Investing in Netflix probably didn’t help much – it’s just such great background noise for swiping (Orange Is the New Black – just in case you were wondering). Anyway, there are so many males that are serial moment-liker’s or simply do not speak – so I spend a lot of time culling my matches too. I mean there are a few that I do converse with and a few that I have politely told to “fuck off”, (excuse my French).

But there’s also this one guy – he makes me unsure. I don’t even know what else to write other than that. I think I’ll leave it at that. But how do you react to someone so great but makes you so unsure? I guess you have to risk it to get the biscuit.

I even culled my phone contacts, so so many people to remove – people I don’t want lurking mysteriously in my phone to accidentally message on that occasion that I simply do not check who I’ve typed in to send a text message.

This has sure become an unplanned rant – sorry!

But, I may be missing that thing – whatever it is. One thing for sure – that I’m actually sure about – is that shoes are forever. But they can be deadly, like you could starve for a week kind of deadly. Why or why are they so expensive, it really does make me sad.

What also makes me happy is seeing people pick up other peoples sloppy seconds. It’s honestly the most hilarious thing to come across – it’s as great as the time a once close friend and I unknowingly matched with the same guy on Tinder and we (not literally – but verbally) burned him alive. Oh we females can be evil.

I think I’ll stop with my overshare now.

Ciao x

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