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Death is a very common occurrence in this day and age, and it occurs in various ways. Today the world said goodbye to many, but according to the news, only two deaths mattered.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were sentenced to death back in 2006. Heck, I may have only been twelve then but I recall not watching the news because everything was about Schapelle Corby. Firstly, they’re drug smugglers – whether they be innocent or guilty, you were found with drugs. Secondly, Indonesia is a known – even world renowned maybe – for its strict anti-drug laws. When you combine the two, what exactly do you expect will happen?

The death sentence is something rarely seen up until recently when deaths have been publicly made, especially within ISIS and the recent beheadings. Those are deaths unwarranted for, the deaths of innocent civilians and hostages.

Today, Chan and Sukumaran were executed by firing squad. Neither of them signed their death warrant which I totally understand, I wouldn’t sign up to be murdered either. But they were sentenced to death nine years ago, they did the crime and now they’ve done the time, or in this case – lost their lives. They may have shown remorse, sure. But do you think puppy dog eyes are going to fool one of the toughest laws set in a country that wants nothing more than to show they have power?

There are bigger issues in the news than a few highly idiotic people. Racism, religion and women’s rights are all current, all common and they’re causing a lot of history making issues.

What about the poor innocent black people that have been shot unnecessarily in the United States of America? What about the Afghan women who had to marry her rapist to avoid imprisonment for adultery? What about the Nigerian school girls who are in fact, still missing? What about all the women in domestic pu violent relationships? What about all the poor helpless children treated like a speck of dirt by their own so-called guardians? What about all the children who were reported missing and have most likely been abused and murdered by a pedophile? What about all those people that commit suicide because they were bullied or because religion stood in the way of a country accepting them as sinless human?

What about the stories that really matter? The stories that evoke real death sentences for innocent victims of crime and religion?

If you want to smuggle drugs into a strict anti-drug country – you do not have my remorse, you don’t deserve it. You willingly put your hand up to commit that crime and now the whole world knows about it, your family and loved ones will suffer for life because you did something really stupid.

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