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“Your body is perfect.”

Well sure it is, and whilst I am no size 6 or whatever tall supermodels are, I would like to point out that I’m human. People are promoting a positive body image and that’s great and that’s how it should be! Being healthy and happy is the key to a wonderful life. It’s what makes each and every one of us an individual – same goes for you males.

However, sometimes it’s not the school yard bully or your closest friends calling you fat or some other derogatory adjective – but in fact the size in which you select when you’re shopping. Shopping is by far my favourite thing to do, sometimes the bank account doesn’t agree though. Anyhow, sizing from store to store is the most annoying this ever and it does nothing but put me off online shopping because I simply cannot be bothered grabbing a tape measure to measure myself.

Numbers are insulting and when it comes to clothing items – they can be confusing too! I know everything depends on the brand and that’s all well and good. But when I’m a size 12 in one store, a 10 in another and an extra-small somewhere else – it just blows my mind.

They also say to dress for your body shape – I don’t even know what mine is! I find it hard enough to even find a garment to fit the lower half of my body as it is let alone shop to fit my shape. Dress hunting is the worst though, either you have too big a behind or too little cleavage and the list is endless. Now, I’m considered “average” in height and I find it hard to find a nice dress to sit modestly, so I feel sorry for all you females with long pins – good luck! I guess in being short you can always hem it or whatever it is you do – but then you’re putting extra time and money into an item that you’ve already paid for – that’s not fun.

So when someone gushes over my body, I just smile, say thank-you and then think to myself “If only you knew the struggles of dressing it…” – because in all serious, it’s too hard.

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