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Okay, so role models are great. We all have one or two or a dozen – you get the point. But for those few people having a rant about how little a role model Kylie Jenner is being to her fans – dude she’s seventeen. What person have a seventeen year old role model? I totally understand the rebellious generation, it comes with hate and options. We will hate on the famous and they will lead the current “not so rich” generations astray. But no parent should blame the celebrities for that – blame your parenting for your child’s need to do this or do that. If you were a good parent you would make sure your child knows what’s right from wrong and better yet – if their esteem was fabulous they wouldn’t even walk around half naked!

Control your kids mate.

So when it comes to role models – don’t hate on the young celebrities, they’re just being young.

Firstly, Miley Cyrus is not the best role model but she’s doing what any other young adult does. I went to her Bangerz Tour and my mother drowned me in her opinions and comments in the lead up, “Why did you spend so much money to watch someone twerk?” She’s a performer, she’s an entertainer and she can sing without auto-tune! She made the $150 worth it. Sure it was racy, but why are parents complaining about the bad influence of the show? You had a few years warning in the lead up to purchasing you child’s ticket as to what Miley had become. But you still purchased tickets..

Secondly, Kylie Jenner – she’s the baby that grew up in the Hollywood world. Don’t expect her to go all Dakota Fanning on you when she has a whole house full of divas – of course she’s going to lead to rumours and stories of plastic surgery – duh?! Face the fact that her parents cannot control her and she has money. What else would a spoilt brat do? Sure people have begun judging her, has it stopped her though? The recent fad of the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” was just stupid, there’s an actual cosmetic suction tool for enhanced lips – not a shot glass. You cannot hate on this young Jenner because she started a swollen lip trend when in fact, most people who took part in the challenge looked to be at an age of common sense!

But as my Mother always says; “Common sense just wasn’t on sale at the supermarket today.”

Third on my list, Meghan Trainor. Perfect role model in the sense of promoting curves and bootylicious body shapes. Although I loathe her music, she should be a role model for your daughter. However, she skipped one detail – what about the naturally petite? But hey, if your daughter likes to copy or draws tons of fashion inspiration from celebrities, at least let it be Meghan – given you like candy coloured garments of course.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that there are far more successful females to use as role models and for girls to be influenced by celebrities so easily, it’s definitely saying something about your parenting. For instance, Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé, yes they do sexy and chic glam, but they do it when the time requires it or in other words they don’t bare 70% of their flesh on a daily basis.

Girls, there’s and time and a place for your dramatic fashion and make up and whatever else you want to add. But these celebrities are celebrities for a reason – and that’s not to become your everyday muse.

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