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Dear Old Friend,

Not sure exactly why I’m writing this. Not sure what to exactly say either.

This is probably well overdue and I doubt you’ll even read this – let’s be honest.

So anyway, I was browsing Net-A-Porter and I came across this book, and I was dead set like “OMG, she would love that!” That was indeed my first thought, and the price wasn’t too terrible either. I then pictured posting it to your home with a hand written letter, but let’s be honest – when was the last time I wrote a letter that had consistent sized hand writing? I’m terrible, but at least the letter would start off great, just wouldn’t end that way.

Well you know I’m a stone cold bitch, so missing someone isn’t what I tend to do. But I do occasionally stalk your Instagram to suss out what’s up. Mum said she saw you last Month – or at least she thinks so. She decided to tell me, honestly don’t know why.

Happy 20th Birthday for 2 Months ago…

I’m not exactly cut at you, I never was. I was jealous of your relationship with my own Mother and I’m sorry. What I still don’t agree with is, of course – your mother becoming involved. Her message was very unnecessary. What happened at home the following week was somewhat eventful. I did run away from home for a few days, stayed at a friends. Everything irritated me.

I hope you’re well, enjoying the cold in the location I don’t want to publish here.

I presume we are just old friends now and what’s done is done.



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