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What doesn’t seem like too long ago, I was bullied. Bullied twice by the same person in a matter of three years with a significant gap between both incidences. It was at a low point in my life, not exactly what you wish for in High School, but I guess in this day and age it’s expected.

Social media was my enemy and as an owner of a mobile phone, my number was shared around the community and not only was I bullied by him, but all his mates and majority of my year level at school. You could say I dropped out of school, the rumours were ghastly and my so-called friends would joke all the time when they saw me; “Who’s the biggest bitch of them all?” But you know what, when you’ve just woken up after a night of not sleeping to have your so-called friends joke around like that when you’re only fourteen – it’s not nice.

Finally after tireless months of avoiding school, having zero connection with the cyber world and my own Mother having received multiple phone calls from school in regards to my own well-being – I conquered my bully.

Bullying certainly reveals who your real friends are and who has the guts to not follow the latest trend in the school. But just know, this bullying saga of mine extended further than just the school grounds, but it followed me all of my out of school activities and it impacted my family and of course my health – both physically and mentally. I did give up, and I’m sure my own parents were relieved when I opted voluntarily to leave the house at any point in time. It was my safe haven. In 2010, I cleared my life of shit friends and toxic bitches. There are many people who now know me as a bitch, cold-hearted and all – but I simply don’t put up with bullshit.

In fact, 2010 might have been my favourite year to date. My tolerance for bullshit became very limited and I matured rather fast. Then I reached Year Eleven, I was unfortunate enough to have torn my ACL before the school year even commenced so I spent most of my last week of Summer Holidays emailing the co-ordinater to ensure my classes and locker where all located downstairs as much as possible. My amazing friends created a roster to help me carry my books and laptop as well as send me homework when I wasn’t able to make it to school.

Then it happened again.

The rumours exploded, my bully returned and gained access to my friends Facebook accounts to get to me. All over some measly incident that happened to his family member outside of school that I literally had nothing to do with. He bullied me through my friends, he sent threats to me and the people around me, I had to turn my phone off and when I turned it back on there were over 200 missed calls. They would drive past my house, abuse me and yell things. Eggs were thrown and it escalated quickly. Now picture a sixteen year old cripple hobbling on her crutches into the police station on a weekly basis to give statements and for them to listen to the voice messages he’d left. Imagine being a mother having to escort your daughter constantly from police station to hospital and back and forth.

Then imagine my victory when he was charged and the restraining order set in place. At the age of sixteen I officially won. He received a life ban from Basketball Australia and it was almost thrilling to know I could have my life back.

Bullying is never right, and it should never be the victim that loses that fight. I mean in hind-sight, the bully ruined his own life. He has a criminal conviction and if his children ever want to play basketball, he will never be able to watch. You harm no one but yourselves.

As my mum always said; ‘If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

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