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Feminism; [noun]
1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
2. an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

People claim to not be a feminist and some claim to loath the movement, why is we females always lose?

We are overly-sexualised

Let’s talk about females and how exude ourselves sexually and how that ultimately leads us to provoke our own rape or violence. Let it be known, there is never an excuse for violence – and in this day and age, it’s extremely frowned upon towards women. First there was the news headline following the rape and murder for Melbourne’s Jill Meagher closely followed by the death of seventeen year-old Victorian student, Masa Vukotic whose life was ended just as it was about to begin. Neither of these ladies were asking to be a target and I have seen so many photographs from protests women have held in a bid to end this violence.

Many men live under the belief that they can just slap us, order us around and that they can put their penis inside us whenever they please. Umm, no mate. We are strong women and they say living organs evolve – just you guys wait until our vagina’s come with built-in teeth so we can just take your nasty organ that you love so much with us whilst you whimper in pain and loss of dignity. A part of me hopes that happens.

Now, I have never experiences any physical violence or torture in any way shape or form, so this is all my personal opinion on the matter. But how is it, when you filthy men decide to rape us that you think being put behind bars for five or so years is “too much”? You have left that poor, innocent female with no dignity, no self-esteem and you have both mentally scared her. How do you think she is going to cope in trusting future partners, and the fact she may find sexual acts nerve racking or mentally painful for quite a long time if not for the rest of her life? For those that opt to end a women’s life, how the hell do you think that your sentence is too harsh? You’ve both abused a woman, and yeah we have forever been the weaker of the two sexes, so how does your punishment feel too harsh when you have successfully ended the life of a weaker human?

Guys, get the fuck over yourselves and start learning some respect for the female population because if you continue to abuse and rape us, as a collective gender – you guy’s will soon loose the trust in all females.


Okay, I have no clue about politics. What I do understand though is that paid maternity and parental leave is declining or so I’m lead to believe. I have a few opinions on this issue.

Firstly, you tell us in school and before we even register within the schooling age bracket that we are strong, independent females and we can do anything. Isn’t that what we all hear? I went to an all-girls high school and it’s important to establish the power in which we hold. Then you graduate and you enter the big, big world. Suddenly you begin to lose your voice.

This leads me to my second issue – working hard. We do work hard and we put all our effort into our studies, our jobs and careers and we try to balance all of that with a social life. Sure you males do all that too, but do you have the added bonus of a week of menstruating and constant, uncontrollable mood swings? This does nothing but punch our intelligence and dedication right in the gut.

Then one day, you finally get your shit together and you worked hard to fit all of that into one little bubble. You found love, your ideal career or whatever it is you wish to succeed in. You have a child and it’s an adorable few weeks, and then you have to ditch your own creation because you either get sacked or you have to go back to work because you can’t both live off the one salary.

Did anyone fail to mention that most of the serial criminals grew up in a broken household or with very little contact from their own parents? But you want to send the child away to day-care because the parents need to go back to work now? You want the child to be raised by a stranger whilst on parents salary is being spent on paying for this stranger to ponder around your child and help and teach them the basics of life that their own parent should be doing. Makes total sense…

Then we have the economy. So I know that this isn’t ideal, but the fact that the Australian economy is so expensive, it doesn’t leave the parents which much of an option but to work if even a simple vegetable costs an arm and a leg these days.


Hey guys, do you see us having a good perve on you at the beach? Oh sure we do, we might even say hello if you’re lucky!

Do we run and jump on you and force you into sex or tell you to go home and put a shirt on? No.

Are we inviting you to have sex with us if we are in a bikini, a short dress or skirt or a crop-top(maybe even a bralet)? No.

Absolutely not.

Women actually protest naked or topless, but they aren’t asking for you to rape them or murder them or send them home? They’re just asking for a cold mate – let them catch a cold.

So when I just now, read a story of a Canadian teenager who was sent home from school because her MAXI-DRESS was too revealing, I honestly laughed. Since when is a maxi-dress too revealing? It covered her behind, her front and her breasts. How is that revealing? God forbid my school uniform revealed more than hers!

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