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We are human.

We are not perfect.

We all have flaws – in fact if you don’t have flaws then somethings not right with you.


Since when is team spelt with an ‘i’ in it?

Listen up people, no team is perfect. We are not expected to be perfect, like seriously – we play netball in C Grade. Yes will not catch a pass sometimes and yes sometimes we cannot throw a ball to save our lives. But sport – in this division – is supposed to be fun with an added bonus of a win.

So when I don’t intercept the ball or make a great pass – do not yell at me across the length of the court because I didn’t live up to your expectations. Woman, you can’t even shoot half the time nor can you catch my passes. You can’t whinge about the team when you have a large influence on our success as a team because you can’t shoot. Don’t be such a hypocritical bitch.

However, during our game last night, I discovered the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being one of the youngest on the team at the age of twenty, I’m still struggling as to why your mother came in to voice her unnecessary opinion to defend you. Is your mother ignorant to the fact that you are in fact the team bully and that you alone has torn this team apart? No one wants to play on the same team as you because of this. How can you be so ignorant towards everything that surrounds you?

Yes I will deliberately throw you the ball hard so you don’t have a chance of catching it because well, you’ll yell at me anyway for not passing the ball correctly – so I might as well have some fun. Hypocritical bitches get no where in life – stop living in your high school days and move on woman, you’ve been out of high school for more than four years now.

Stop being a child and realise that no one can be as perfect and precious as you my dear.


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