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Alright ladies, the fashion evolution is amongst us, and that means there are constantly new clothing trends and fashions for you all to try! We even find recycled trends from decades ago reappearing which just means the op shops are in high demand right now. However, with such great quality clothing around I still don’t understand why you’re wearing leggings past their expiry date – and by expiry date I mean they’re so see-through that I can see your spotted underwear underneath. That’s not nice ladies.

I completely understand comfort, I do it all the time. Dressing for comfort is Bae. But when Bae starts making you out as a slut or a cheap prostitute, you have to break up. Just like peeling a band-aid off, just take off your sheer leggings and quietly dispose of them in the rubbish-bin as soon as you get home. Maybe even buy a new pair on the way home to make the divorce a little easier! Or alternatively, learn to cover your behind! It’s called a tunic, or a long ass top, or tie a jacket or shirt around your waist! Just cover your awful underwear!

Firstly, you’re not “perfect” enough to get away with showing a little underwear in public, in fact you weren’t even thin enough to wear the pair you had on. Now I’m not hating on larger and fuller figured women, you’re all beautiful. But you need to learn to dress for your shape.

Secondly, if a pair of leggings do not help, cover or support your excess skin or body fat and in fact give you a new level of a muffin top – you shouldn’t be wearing whatever size it is you think are attractive. I don’t care if they were the last pair in the selected design at the store – why are you wasting money on something that limits your usage. Seriously, if they were too small to begin with, how long will it be before you split them? Talk about an embarrassment.

Thirdly, leggings are not socially acceptable above the age of fourteen! If you are older, learn how to wear them to flatter your figure. Long tops, tunics and short dresses ladies – cover that ghastly behind (or rather keep it warm in this chilly winter).

I will continue to roll my eyes are those who still participate in the trend of leggings, after all my Mother continuously told me to have some decorum, so when she doesn’t cover her own behind, she hears about it!

So ladies, leggings are dead. You may resuscitate them if you wish to spend a little bit more money by investing in a thick opaque pair, but please for the love of humanity, cover your behind!

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