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9 June 2015

I’m just going to take this time to give you a bit of an insight into my current position in life right now.

So I’m a little lost in this whole bae era we seem to have stumbled into. The only bae I have is bed and apparently that’s not good enough. In the past few weeks I’ve swiped numerously, chatted on Plenty of Fish and watched every episode of Blue Mountain State on Netflix. Mum is currently on my back about constantly being around too much for her liking and I’m offended she doesn’t like having me around. You’d think she’d be honored.

So in other words, Mum would love for me to find a bae. She also loves throwing comments at me such as “if he doesn’t like basketball, it won’t work out for you” and she makes constant jokes about giving my number out to people she finds attractive. Sometimes I wish she’d stop.

In other sad news – I’ve been out of the dating game for approximately twenty weeks to date. However there is still three months left of free Netflix to my name! So I guess I have my company for winter sorted. Hip Hip Horrahh!

She also likes to gawk on my social life. She claims that I don’t go out enough and I don’t do this and I don’t do that. In my defence, my friends are still at university and they work when I’m free and visa versa so seeing them is like a needle in a hay stack. I don’t go out clubbing, it’s really not something I enjoy – so this whole restricted driver’s license isn’t much of an issue except for when all I want is a glass of wine with my meal.

Now in saying all of that, I feel like my probationary license really screws with my likening to wine. The guys that I think I’m interested in are all fully licensed and they have the privilege of having a glass or two and being able to drive. Yet if I was to meet someone, I’d be like “waiter can I have a coke?” – it’s not fair.

Just recently my mother also mentioned that someone had commented to her about how wonderful it is to see someone my age with their head screwed on. Sure it’s screwed on, so much so that I cut people off the minute they cross me and I’m so fussy about who I date that it’s strengthened my bond with Netflix. In fact I have actually convinced myself that I’ll become a nun or I could become a crazy cat lady however, I hate cats. But at the same time – everyone seems to be a fuck boy. Sorry in advance guys, but I don’t do fuck boys so TTFN.

So yes, apart from the fact my mother is judging my social and love life – I do feel quite content with how my life is. I do feel that my passions and hobbies will eventually come at a cost if I were to eventually date someone. Right now it does feel like it’s a major issue in that whole dating category of life.

It is hard being a fussy one but so be it.

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