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Little Bitch

Girls can be bitches – true fact.

But there is this particular male that I know that is the biggest bitch ever.

Not like the cold-hearted bitch that I am, but more of a hormonal indecisive bitch.

Exhibit A: Continues to complain tirelessly about his rocky relationship with his lady but simultaneously falls in love with me. I think I missed that memo – sorry buddy. So after a lengthy period of listening to his clingy messages, our conversations ceased to exist.

Exhibit B: Deletes me of Facebook and Snapchat, blocks me on Instagram and deletes my number. Great some would say, but then he re-adds me on Snapchat, follows me on Instagram but sends me messages on Facebook because I haven’t accepted the friend request he apparently sent.

Then because I never accepted his request, he practically calls me a liar, cracks the poops and deletes me of Snapchat and blocks me on Instagram – AGAIN.

Exhibit C: Declares his love for me, then calls me a slut and exclaims his loss of respect for me because I dated someone who he didn’t know.

Exhibit D: Continues to inbox me on Facebook – so I blocked him!

He then proceeds to message my photography page on Facebook. Also, a little FYI for you – I’m not the only administrator for my Facebook page, so please just stop.

Look dude, I know you read my blog every now and again. Let me put things straight, hopefully you’ll understand. (Fingers crossed)


You and I will never happen.

You have a girlfriend whom you apparently hate yet love so much.

Stop being such a little bitch and get your shit together – either you love her or you hate her.

But even if you did leave her, we still would never happen.

Also, she must be a real blind-ass selfish cow to not notice you fall in love with other people.

Also if you want the world to revolve around you and crack the shits more than I do when I’m fucking menstruating – then take a hike yeah? I don’t have time to deal with your shit – plus, you still have a lady and I’m not interested so stop apologising to me and start getting your own shit together.

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