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17 June 2015


I’m just going to have a ramble of my current feelings as of like, right now.

My Instagram Feed and Facebook Newsfeed have such a huge influence on me and well, here are a list of my overbearing thoughts;

How can they be engaged so young?

So many people beating cancer – woo!

Oh a new relationship just in time for the cold season.

That’s a nice house!

Mmmm Wittner Shoes (L)

OMG it’s a bacon sandwich!

Another new relationship…

Oh yay, congrats on your anniversary!

“Nothing ruins a Friday like realising it’s only Tuesday.”


So many people have bae’s.

WTF is Game of Thrones? IDC.

(God help me if a future bae reads this…)

So as you can see from the above, clearly my life is really in tip top shape. But let me clarify a few things;

Netflix = Bae

Bacon = Bae

A house requires money which I do not have…

Shoes = Love of my life

Eye candy/Bae/Lover/Boyfriend = he’s a ghost (I think)

A relationship does not exist (currently)

I do not understand the concept of getting engaged so young.

I’ve never ever watched GOT – in fact I don’t even know why I just used the acronym.

 So I finish this rant/rave/thought – whatever it is – with a little statement.

“You can survive winter solo.”

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