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Sugar Daddy

So about a fortnight ago, I felt a bit adventurous and so I downloaded the Plenty of Fish application. I mean this came with the recommendation from a friend but after a week of listening about him mentioning it I just jumped in head first.

Now, I’m no expert at profile creations so God knows how mine stacks up against others females. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I do in fact, know how to use photo filters and come across like a really sweet and innocent person.

Well POF comes with it’s in-app purchases of course, so selecting an age bracket and location like you can on Tinder comes at a price. But being on such a strict budget meant I just had to take the bull by the horns and let the fish swim into my net. This however turned into a tiny bit of a nightmare.

I’m not a racist or anything, but I have my types like most people. I am a twenty year-old part Malay, part Australian female, there is no chance that I would be interested in a thirty year-old Indian. I was always under the impression that the Indian culture meant you were usually married young. So if you’re thirty – why are you not married yet?

Anyhow, here’s a message for you that I did receive a few days ago;

“Hello. Let me be honest, unlike all the other guys on here… I would love to be your discreet sugar daddy and spoil you generously. Apologise if this sounds a bit upfront, as I said at least I’m honest. So if this type of arrangement seems of interest, then reply back and we can chat properly. Thanks”

Firstly, sounds like a scam – but I’m absolutely flattered!

Secondly, he was old enough to be my parent – no thanks.

Then just when I thought I may have escaped the wrath of fuck boys from Tinder – I think I have just reeled in another one. They sell themselves to perfection and then at the last-minute change every single conversation to sex. Mate, you change your mind and conversation more than I purchase a new pair of shoes!

Yet you males still conclude the fact that we females are confusing and hormonal. How do you figure that when literally all you do is send mixed messages like “Hey, be my bae?” and nek minute, “Let’s have sex!” – dude, I haven’t even met you yet.

So overall, Tinder gives you the cheap way for a quick hook up where you can narrow down your searches and POF leaves you wide open to receive creepy messages and occasionally find an attractive looking fish but the age criteria is as wide as all can be.

Happy fishin’

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