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So communication between two people – or a group – has changed so much since I was a child. Literally, my mind over-thinks things as much as Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless. In fact her love life resembles mine, except I don’t have a step brother to fall for. Point is, she was just as confused about males as I am today! In fact, I think I’m safe to say that I’m not alone on this one.

Males seem to have mastered the ways of luring us females into the illusion of love, lust and maybe a forever. So many sneaky tricks, so many sly lines that you just throw out there without thought which leads us to think, and think and over-think to the point of “Omg, really?”

As if it wasn’t enough to be an over-thinker – try adding a stress head or worry wart on top of that. Personally, guys are absolutely treading in miles-deep water if they think that not revealing their intentions to a lady who is rather open about her tendencies to both over-think and stress over the tiniest of events. By the time you actually ask her to make it official or whatever you plan to do – she will have a full head of grey hairs and gee I’m sure that’s attractive for you to look at.

However, how long do you wait before you make it official? I know it’s different for everyone but after a few dates here and there, you’d presume there is definitely something there. But if you were to sleep together after a few dates and continue to exchange cute, lovely and devoted text messages – would that consummate a relationship? It really is quite confusing, not knowing where you stand in any relationship is rather hard.

They say we should all just go with the flow, but were any of those statements ever quoted by a stressful over-thinker?

Then there are the guys they lead you in the direction you wish to head in. You go on dates, you go for drinks, dinner and movies and then out of the blue – “Adios Amigos!” This is why women are confused. You lead us to believe for not a few seconds, but rather a few hours that you want to be more than friends and even relish in memories made as a couple, you know, in a relationship and shit.

Blaming your own private life as “too taxing to add another person to the situation” is just utter bullshit. You signed up for this – whatever it is, or was – more than a week ago and it took you a whole week and a few dollars to realise, after all that effort that you want to stay a single lad. Pathetic.

Seriously guys, stop confusing us. Yes we know how to put up a front and we know how to draft text messages and get peer approval from our friends before we send you something we would probably regret sending. So yes, we may confuse you too. But did you want us to send you an essay like this post you’re currently reading to scare you into telling it to us straight, to get the picture straight.

For two people to be on the same page, they need to be able to communicate. I was once seeing this guy that seemed perfect. Then out of no-where I found myself walking the streets of Singleville once again. I didn’t see it coming and he would constantly reassure me where we were at but I guess the message I woke up to that morning was just a confusing lie.

But on a completely different note, raise your hand guys if you want a girl with a voice? Like the kind that’ll tell you straight up what they want, what they’re looking for and what they need. From what I’ve experienced and likewise with my social circle – being our open and honest selves does nothing but deter any potential males. We are powerful females and yeah, having a voice does set the bomb alight – so we shut up. However, if we did speak – there’s a great chance we’d tell you then and there, on the first or second date how our cards are laid out – either you bet or fold.

In the meantime, we resist intimidating you sensitive males and we let you confuse the living daylights out of us. Because we are nice that way. Being the “relationship type” means we just have to sit back and watch it unfold. We go in blind folded as does every other person in the dating game these days. Please for the love of god just know that every girl over-thinks and they will become paranoid if you do not lay your cards on the table after a few dates. Why would you go on several dates and spend weeks texting them if you decided after the second date that you weren’t interested? Why continue on and be a selfish fool?

So guys, please stop messing with our heads and our hearts – decide what you want before you confuse us over-thinkers into a miserable slump because you couldn’t find the guts to tell it to us straight. Put a label on it after a few weeks if you’re keen or don’t continue it for weeks if you know you cannot even balance your own social to be able to add another person.

We over-think – we know.

You confuse us – do you know that?

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