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So this might be just another ramble. I like to think of my posts for as a diary for me to look back on sometimes. I’ve thought so much about what to write and I’ve backspaced this post more than ever before – I guess this is writers block. I thought about doing a letter to my future-self and then I thought I’d tell you the story of my first love. But when I started writing my first love story, I realised that some things shouldn’t be told.

I don’t know if I felt the story shouldn’t be told because well, it was honestly some of my fondest memories or the fact that I could probably put off any potential relationships if they were to read this. The thing is I am friends with a few of my ex’s, we occasionally meet up for a catch up but that’s it. They have become some of my good friends and they are complete and utter douchebags that’s for sure.

These are the guys that will listen to your current dramatic love stories, the assholes you dated and they do steal my phone and swipe right to anyone and everyone that pops up on my Tinder. I was quote surprised myself with how many people swiped right on me though! So anyway, these particular few ex’s and I we all ended on good terms and the fact that we all see each other practically weekly probably saved us from our bitter end.

I’m still trying to work out how you count your ex’s, like do you include that guy you dated practically via MSN back in Year Seven or do you begin the count from when you understand what a relationship entails outside of social media?

When I was in Year Seven, I don’t even think Facebook existed. MySpace was the thing when I reached Year Eight – making someone’s top four friends was the ultimate compliment. So pretty much, my first boyfriend was official via my MSN Name followed by a few dozen red love hearts. My second boyfriend was much the same, however Facebook existed now. So of course it was Facebook official which is clearly how the world became so cyber-orientated.

As the years rolled on so did the boyfriends of a few months, blah blah blah.

I had my so-called best friends date my ex’s, friendships ended and rekindled – whatever. There was more than one instance where my best friend would date my ex or fall for my then boyfriend. But all this happened back in High School, when girls were bitches and fuck boys didn’t actually have that label yet!

It’s not until you have that lengthy relationship with your first real love that you realise how petty all those previous guys were. But being able to move past half a dozen relationships and remain friends is pretty great. It’s everything a friendship should be and of course there are a few months cooling period before we rekindle but traveling with an ex is an experience and having ended in a great way really made our prepaid holiday enjoyable.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think being friends with an ex is a bad thing – none of these relationships ever reached the stage of family and future talk so it was strictly a moment in time thing. It’s these dilemmas however that always have me question the forever lasting rule of ever inviting an ex to a wedding.

Not that I’m speaking of actually getting married – like come on! I’m twenty and single and being married in the next five years would be the worst thing I could do in my eyes right now. But if these friends still exist when the time comes, then do you break that rule and invite an ex?

Is there ever an exception to the superstitious rule or inviting an ex to your wedding?

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