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So I’m going to take some time this morning to rant vigorously about annoying things I see, read, stumble upon and more specifically – annoy me.

Firstly, Facebook;

It is in fact a rather practical form of communication in the current day and age. We talk, we share photos and it’s rather handy for the travelling kind since it is pretty much accessible throughout the globe. But it is also really annoying and sometimes not even I can tolerate it.

There are several annoying things on Facebook, there are people who post statuses like a text message. If your statuses cannot read English and you continue to abbreviate things, why would you even post something? Why would you show the world that you either cannot spell or that you’re THAT lazy to type a few more words? This is not Twitter, there is no character count!

My second issue with Facebook is the love people have for posting a selfie. I understand the concept of a selfie – I take them too. But what I don’t do is post my bright red work out faces on Facebook twice, maybe three times a day. I don’t want to see your meals – peas and corn day in, day out certainly do not tickle my fancy. Please either refrain from your wannabe Kim Kardashian habits.

Lastly, stop sending me requests to play your stupid games! JESUS CHRIST.

Alright, second on my list – Sluts;

Your Facebook is so public. Every single time some stupid douchebag of a male likes your bikini shot, I get to see your assets and well kid, you’re doing well.

You post statuses complaining about guys being assholes, about bitches being two-faced and how much the current generation is ruining your life. Yet you’re smart enough and too good for the rest of us. You’d receive an amazing score for the sport of owning a cake face, the amount of short clothing items you’re pictured in is taking the slut life to a whole new level.

Pretty please learn what trackies and hoodies are, they’re very comfortable.

Number Three – Phone Calls;

Taking a phone call in front of people is rude. It’s like talking on the phone as you check out at the supermarket. In fact I think I read a story of a supermarket that charged customers $5 for every customer that was talking on the phone when being served.

The other day I went out and about with dad, literally the first thing he did when we got in my car was make a phone call. The phone call lasted the entire fifteen minute drive. What makes this worse is that he is a loud and aggressive talker so he likes to yell and talk with his hands. I had to dodge his hand a few times whilst driving – rude.

Secondly, people who talk on the phone on the train. Is that enough said? I don’t want to listen to your conversations and people ask me why I listen to my loud ass music – BECAUSE IT DROWNS OUT YOUR BULLSHIT. Just last week I listened to a conversation that certainly should’ve been behind four wall. If you’re giving your blessings and telling people that he has your blessing to leave and that you’ve been praying for x amount of days – stop.


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