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So we all have opinions and surely I’m not alone on this. I don’t know what will follow here below, however I have just come across a dozen articles and spoken with a few people that have triggered this word vomit you’re about to read – if you chose to do so.


I think weight is a very delicate topic of conversation and it’s safest if the person struggling with the issue speaks of it first. I’m not someone to say “Hey good to see you, you’ve gained some weight!” because that’s like asking someone how their pregnancy is going when they are not even pregnant – awkward as.

I haven’t suffered a huge battle with weight, but what I suffered was all that weight that I accumulated when I had a knee reconstruction. Those following months were hard and to be honest, my seventeenth birthday surprise from my physiotherapist was my first jog on a treadmill after five months of strengthening and jogging on a mini-tramp. So the weight I gained within that five months, it stuck with me for a while. I went on to finish my VCE studies the following year and just accepted my weight for what it was.

Now, two years ago I had a wakeup call – what was stopping me from losing my injury weight? Nothing. I hired a personal trainer who I still see occasionally, I set a strict diet to the point of having mum hide a packet of those tiny Freddo heads to cure my chocolate cravings.

Now I’m no stick figure – my thighs are thick but I’m still a size 10. Fashion and weight are a weird thing. But dressing for your shape is ultimately not a big task, it’s a rather an investment as to how you present yourself and how people will perceive you. To say that it’s not what’s on the outside, but on the inside is absolute bullshit.

Sometimes it’s not even weight gain. Some people’s bodies are controlled by their metabolism. It could hit you when you least expect it, it just decides to slow down or switch off. I still think there is a fine line between obese and curvy to which there are several “curvy” models who beg to differ on this. But it just doesn’t look healthy to have your elbows and knees swollen in excess skin and body mass.

At the end of the day, it’s what makes you happy. If you want to change it, you’ll change it.


If you were blessed with clean, glowing skin – I envy you. I unfortunately – along with my siblings – have terrible acne and blemishes. But for guys, it doesn’t seem that big an issue. However when you’re a female, growing up in the era of Photoshop perfect Kardashian skin is tough and it eventually leads to low self-esteem and being victimised.

I’ve suffered from acne for almost a decade now and it still hangs around.

But a note to everyone out there who makes fun of acne and the scars it leaves behind on our faces; it is not cheap or exactly affordable to try and conquer the continuous bacterial nightmare. Simple medication from a doctor is $10.00 a month, so $120.00 a year for a dozen years or so. When my body began to beat that medication, the doctor added another medication to my list, so a further $30.00 a month. Now I’m sitting at $480.00 a year. Then when all else fails – I hit up a dermatologist for the tough shit. So I went and spent $120.00 just to get a script to which that medication cost me $40.00.

Some people suffer from acne but prefer to just cover it up, that’s cool. Make up isn’t cheap these. Just remember, that for that coverage you need to be able to continuously afford it.

So to every smart ass bully with their mind stuck in a box, just know that not everyone can afford to master their acne, just know that it is tough to come across ghastly comments from you ‘perfect people’.

Feel free to pay for the medication and make up of your victim guys!

Female Circumcision


I’m sorry, but for people who have cultural or religious traditions that believe that this is necessary in order to make these females worthy of a husband – then you live in a sick world. Losing your virginity is painful enough as it is and you want to cut of this and stitch that so the entrance is smaller thus leading to it being ripped open when you engage in sexual intercourse.

To whoever does that, you are a nutter!

Alrighty, have at it – I’m done.

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