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No. 01

I hold a very simple take on fashion and being the straight forward person I am, my advice is somewhat hard and unfiltered. So when I receive Snapchats or photos on my phone asking for advice on particular items, not even emoji’s can lighten my tough, judgmental advice. On request from a few pals, I give you Black/White – my simple take on fashion.

What gave me the idea of Black/White? Well I don’t tend to wear nor own a lot of colour – my wardrobe is very much monochrome. Then there is also the fact that I don’t bullshit and I don’t lie. If it makes your behind look big, I’ll be sure to tell you. Bite the bullet guys.

I am very minimal person when it comes to fashion and beauty. I wear black alone, because it’s always safe and I take too long to decide what I want to wear on any given day. I don’t cake my make up because I believe it’s a waste of make up just to go to work in – you have to give me a good reason to cake it. I hate painting my nails, simply because I am too impatient to wait for them to dry thus I smudge them really fast. My hair is as natural as can be – zero colour with a straight hair cut.

Now to my first piece of advice; shoes.

I have a vast collection of shoes and if there is one thing I’ve learnt, shoes do in fact make any outfit. Shoes work hand in hand with accessories in deliberating whether your outfit is casual, smart or business material. Given most of my shoes are black like my soul, the style of shoe plays a bigger part in my outfits.

Being the simple person I am, I tend to leave my stilettos at home. As a commuter of public transport to get to and from work, my ideal shoes are either flats or block heels. Block heels are fabulous for uneven city foot paths, plus they go hand in hand with winter boots and summer sandals.

Colour in a shoe is very much similar to contouring your make up (to which I do not do). A single toned shoe gives you a bigger variety of mixing and matching with outfits. Two-toned shoes have the ability to manipulate how your outfit and your body look. A few months ago, the monochrome block heel was in style – probably still is too. But remember, much like make up that dark colours make you look smaller in areas and light colours make those areas more prominent.

So if you have a wide foot, use the darker colour to your advantage. If you have a cankle or shapely calves, make sure the strap or top of the shoe is darker in order to create the illusion of a slimmer ankle or leg.

The other famous tip everyone should know – nude heels elongate your legs X 100.

Peace out gals!

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