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Romantic movies – whether they be comedy or drama – give us all and unrealistic expectation of what love is. I didn’t exactly grow up in a household where my parents would show public displays of affection in front of my brothers and I, let alone in public. My expectations were diminished upon the beginning of my first relationship. My parents were solely against me having a boyfriend sleep in my bed – so I’m sure they would highly disapprove of a one night stand. Having said all of that, this was a few years ago, when I was still studying and my parents believed boyfriends were a huge distraction for me and my studies.

I guess it’s all about learning boundaries and knowing how far you can push them in a sense. I pushed my parents to the max on numerous occasions and there is a form of double standards in my house. My brother can be out until the wee hours of the morning but I can have a few hundred missed calls and text messages even if I’m with people they know. They’re protective and well, it makes me aware of my surroundings a bit more but it also annoys the absolute shit out of me.

Having now completed my studies, my freedom is well – I’m free. I still hold a lot of respect for my parents in not bringing home guys, but I still get a text message if I’m not home asking where I am. Yes, I have told white lies but what causes less of a flurry when I get home? Either tell them you’re out with a friend or on yet another date with a different guy. One can only answer the exact same set of questions so many times.

Knowing what reality is and how different a movie is in terms of entering the whole adult/dating life is so very different. I mean, even my friends have less lenient household morals in terms of bringing home a person of a different sex. It’s almost like my parents are strictly religious in believing in adultery and they try to forbid it as much as possible. But for now whilst I live under their roof, I have to abide by their rules.

Don’t get me wrong, I am entirely confused – my parents like to joke about my relationship status more than anyone but they still hold such a strict boundary around the whole thing. Even that is double standards and I’m rambling again..

Watching a romance movie makes everything look so much easier.

Too easy…

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