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I’m a pretty closed person when it comes to the finer details of my life. But I’ve always had a soft spot for a great deep and meaningful with a third party. They’re the best kind of D&M because they have zero involvement in your life. They know very few people, they know very little detail and their opinions and responses are usually really valuable.

An objective third party has to be a listener with a touch of wisdom. The less they know about the people in your life, the better the advice – purely because they will only know what you tell them. Take one of my best friends for example, we have very few people in common, we’ve met both of each others family but we don’t know each others social circles or lives before university at all. What we share is what we want to be known, we’re pretty honest though. Honest enough that she could tell you most things about me.

They’re an outsider into your life pretty much.

(Side note: I woke up like a bruised apple today. I have no idea where the bruises came from at all.)

I convinced someone to let me read a piece of their personal diary the other day and I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes you don’t even need that third party to talk to, but in fact just a piece of paper or a blog. I don’t always make much sense, but I feel that when you write things down and begin to think of the issue or topic in more depth as you write ideas and solutions come to you – they evolve.

So when I read this piece, it was insightful, but I realised just how much a piece of text defines even a stranger.

As much as I try to be simple, it’s simply not natural at all to me. Simple isn’t easy for a lot of people. I am an over thinker and putting my words to paper is a lot harder because I have so many things to say and most of the time I have no idea how to unscramble them. These things are easier to say to a person than they are to type. Sometimes you don’t have an ear to listen to you though and I guess blogging is my improvisation – even if it makes things a heck of a lot harder to say.

In saying that, sometimes things are a lot easier to just put into words.

Some things will never become anything more than a conversation you once had…

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