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“Congratulations on writing 50 posts on The Story Of Claire”

Well it’s official, I’ve reached my fiftieth post (this being fifty-one). But have I peaked? Sometimes I feel like I have, sometimes I feel my posts all link back to the another and it’s very repetitive.

I don’t really want this to be some acceptance speech, but I’d like to say thank you to all the douchebags I’ve come across on Tinder and Plenty of Fish, to the failed dates of my friends and the wise words from my upbringing.

I’m sure you’ll all enjoy laughing and a giggle at this post. It’s my goal in life.

Actually no, I have no goals in life because apparently goals are better set in stone when you calculate them in days as oppose to weeks, months or years. We take each day at a time and when you create a goal and calculate it in days I guess the only one you can be sure at completing for the day is not falling on your face. At least you can try…

I have on many occasions tripped up stairs or escalators – I have a habit of tripping up rather than I do at falling down. If anyone reading this has ever visited Parliament train station – then the idea of falling down those escalators is the scariest thought ever! Being a somewhat clumsy person is not the best thing, I’ve only every spilt have a dozen coffees on myself and people wonder why I tend to only wear black.


So all in all, Happy 50th Post to me and hope you all have a clumsy-less day!

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