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No. 02

If I had a dollar for every time my mother asked me “When did you buy that?” I would be a millionaire. Since I finished high school, I have indulged, created and recreated my wardrobe time and time again. I lived in a school uniform for five days a week for most of the year and having a wardrobe that could last more than a week without doing the washing just wasn’t an option at all.

Creating a wardrobe for myself was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done. I needed to cater for my almost bi-polar like body. One day you feel fabulous and good and the next day you’re so bloated that not even your skinny jeans can be done up.

I’m also a simple person. A simple person with 30 pairs of black shoes and a wardrobe that is three-quarters black. My mother cheers for me when she notices that I have even a shade of grey on instead of black.

As of right now, I still manage to stand in front of my clothing racks and think up an outfit. Everything will always look better in my head than it does in the mirror – that’s a given. However I’ve overcome my love for black a tiny bit and may have given my wardrobe yet another make over. I’ve added a few pieces in navy, khaki and camel and sure they’re all dull-ish colours still but in comparison to my black wardrobe – it’s a start.

Being stubborn and living a monochrome life is easy in a sense.

I’m just adding a tiny bit of colour…

But I will forever love black though.


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