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A good friend of mine recently searched for a guy to call hers, and I was searching for the same thing. However she has since found her guy, sent me a dozen couple Snapchat’s and it’s sickening. But I will be doing a lot of third wheeling now – I can sense it. Like that photo I saw going viral on Facebook about the diner that has a “third wheel table”. If only they made those everywhere. Not that I would mind, I quite like having that empty seat next to me to put my feet up.

Today marks eight days since I left the online dating scene and in the spirit of true procrastination and trying to pass the time as much as possible I’ve done many things with my time. For instance my bedroom has never been as clean as it is right now in a very long time.

So I like to cull my Facebook friends on a regular basis – I don’t like dust collectors. Plus it kills a few moments of my life. I came across a guy I used to speak to for weeks on end until he showed his true colours. We had a mutual friend, a friend I happened to be close with so I asked her the whole who, what, when, where and why, like a true blue nosy person.

She spoke about their brief friendship, the whole Tinder game fandango. But she never mentioned anything about his intentions and was rather shocked when I revealed the intentions he had with me. But it got me thinking, how different can a simple conversation be? I mean surely he had the same intentions all around, but a conversation with her and a conversation with me could not be further apart on the fuckboy scale.

But who labels a modern-day stereotype?

Would you presume your own gender would label you a fuckboy or would you think it was the dozen women you’ve been with in the past week? In simple terms, is calling someone out more of a guy or a girl thing to do?

Back when labeling someone a slut was a huge deal, I’m sure that it was a general thing. There was no main gender thing going on, but females have always been known as the weaker sex. So males would call us sluts and other females would call someone a slut just to start a huge cold shoulder game.

But when it comes to fuckboy’s, would a guy openly plaster a huge ‘fuckboy’ sticker across their male counterpart’s forehead or behind their back?

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