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Age is just a number.

Half the world thinks I look fifteen, the other half think I’m twenty-five. They usually presume I’m younger before I speak, before they know me. I then gain a few years after a conversation and slowly I peak in my mid-twenties.

But no, I’m just a twenty year old with the maturity of a twenty-five.

So when I say age is just a number, where do you stand on dating above or below your age? A friend mentioned a formula on deciphering just how young you should date that he read on the Lad Bible. But that was once upon a time and I can’t exactly remember what it was.

I think when it comes to dating below or above, it’s really a personal preference. I’m sure most of our parents have quite an age gap, however back in their younger days it wasn’t as eye-catching as it is nowadays.

It’s not like a huge shock with a dozen dropped jaws, but it does gain a little bit of attention and people ask questions occasionally. Yet the generation above us, it was considered fabulous for a young woman to marry almost as soon as possible – even if there was quite an age gap.

I guess the only major issue with an age gap in our current world, is the whole settling down conversation. For instance, I’m not looking to marry and have children in the next five years – I’m twenty, just twenty. But I drift on the same wise pathway as older men.

Talk about a glitch in my life.

I’ve dated older, I refuse to date younger. I see younger males as boys – I mean even males my own age are still boys – but the fact is, I have two younger brothers. Dating younger, it’s like dating their friends. So I date older. I can’t say I have a definite age gap but laying the intentions on the table is a must.

But what’s the limit to dating out of your immediate age group?

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