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Can someone please find a way to kill any and every generation of the god damn common cold?

I thought my immune system was solid but apparently it has gone into hiding and betrayed me.

The common head cold is such a bitch, like why make me sick for a petty few weeks? What a waste of time. I would much rather use the excuse to stay in bed because it is cold and not because I have an actual cold.

My ears are painful.

My nose is running faster than a tap filling a sink.

My throat is as painful and swollen as a jarred finger.

My head has gained a dozen kilograms and none of those grams had a single inch of a great ego boost.

I’m complaining like a whinny bitch which I have probably ranted and raved about once or twice before on this blog but hey, it’s my blog, my story and I will bitch about my heavy anti-ego head.


So I will pursue my all black wardrobe and use the “I’m mourning my immune system” line and fuck the world. Because that is how I feel right now.

I feel like one of those boggle head collectables that were once such a big deal to stick to the dashboard of your car.

I found one of those boggle heads the other day when I was browsing one of my many go-to online stores – Net-A-Porter.

It was way overpriced – as you could expect.

But here I am, taken a whole eight months for my immune system to bail on me.

My eyes are now watering.

Screw this shit.

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