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13 August 2015

So my pal bet that I would be back on Tinder in under three weeks. Seventeen days later and I haven’t even thought about it. I’ve been rather productive I might say, I kick this flu thing to the curb in exactly a week. How did I do this? I went back on my healthy diet.

Fatty food be gone!

Coconut water, a variety of Pressed Juices and a ton of fruit and vegetables have placed my immune system in first place. There are so many personal preferences you can make though, I personally jump at any excuse to run when I’m sick – I love to sweat out all the nasties!

So I’m struggling with my muscles right now, but IDGAF because I’ve happily lasted twelve hours with less than three coughs. Solid.

So it’s like two months until my twenty-first birthday. The only thing I’ve organised is the definite venue for dinner and my outfit of course! Just another excuse to purchase some goodies!

(I’ll be ditching my all black wardrobe guys!)

I’ve also spent so much time watching Pretty Little Liars. I know this is like an old thing now, but I was too occupied with Gossip Girl to care about it at the time. But wow. I love some drama in my drama-less life!

I’ve also spent most of this week with my conscience living on my shoulders, I had this issue on whether or not to invite a particular person to my birthday. This particular person being one of my best pal’s new boyfriend. I pondered about this for a few days, but in the end it’s my day and it’s a close family and friend dinner and he’s been around for a whole two seconds sort of thing. I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

I think it’s a bit different inviting someone of two seconds as oppose to two hours. But if I were to meet someone between now and then how would you deal with that? Would you invite them for the whole two seconds you’ve been in each others lives or what? But who am I kidding!? There are no guys!

So that my friends, is my life…

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