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The Break-Up

Break-ups are not fabulous.

It’s time and effort and unless the break up is mutual, it’s only natural to feel like you wasted time on that person. But how the relationship ends – whether it be short-lived or long-lived – that’s your last impression on the person.

Many months ago I was dating this guy and he was great. However after a few months, he ended our relationship via text message.


I was heartbroken and devastated, I put in the effort and it was practically shoved in my face. After some time, I came to realise that he was immature. Immature enough to end it with a single text message.

A pal of mine recently mentioned his various premature and random break-up texts he’s received over the years. Here I was thinking it was only the males that did things like this but it turns out my female counterparts are no better at the whole dating scene.

I’ll admit, there is never a right time to end a relationship even if it is the beginning. But how you end it can determine just what type of person you really were.

Scenario one – The Lengthy Silence;

I’m sure we have all given or received the silent treatment at some point in our lives. It was a huge thing many years ago. However the silence we endure these days it usually a great sign of a loss of interest. Like talking to a dozen guys on Tinder and then one catches your eye and you forget the rest. However, I think we are all smart enough to get the hint – you’re not interested. Fine, whatever. This pal of mine then received a message a whole month later apologising and asking for a second chance. Like hell.

Scenario two – The Cranky Pants;

There comes a time in any relationship where you get on their nerves – it’s a common thing. Hell we all do it. But do you end things in a sudden rush when someone stands on your toes by accident? My pal was on the receiving end of this after waking her up one night. He woke you up from your sleep, who cares? She said she had worked a twenty-four hour shift – or was about to work – but if you failed to tell him that prior to your brief hibernation then turn your god damn phone off you complaining cow! That was an irrational break up based upon a lack of sleep – worse than impulse shopping.

Scenario three – The Mask of Technology;

These people have become too common with the evolution of social media and mobile phones. These are the people who are to chicken shit to break up to your face. These people think that you’re safer without viewing their red puffy eyes and indulge in the idea of hiding their tears as they express how sorry they are for calling it quits. This is the shit I pulled back in high school when I was fifteen and relationships were some new invention. Nowadays teenagers endure longer relationships than I do! Beside the point, if you feel the need to end a relationship with a text message or announce it on social media then you are a complete and utter immature twat that doesn’t deserve to be on the dating scene.

If this is you, you’re a sook and you have no balls.

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