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When it comes to males and the attention I receive, I often wonder if I’m speaking English because they just don’t seem to comprehend a few things. I feel like I’m literally speaking to a brick wall. I’m the type of person that doesn’t necessarily want to be rude to someone, so I tend to circle around a little bit and avoid the direct intention that I’m trying to imply.

This technique has caused me grief in the past. I revert to the good old silence to get the fact that I’m not interested across because they just don’t understand the meaning of no…

So here are a few short stories for you;


Many years ago when I was still classified as underage, there were two guys from basketball that established a competition between themselves as to who could get with the most girls. Both of these guys seemed to be in on/off relationships with girls of their own but they established the game and things got dirty.

Back stabbing at school became common when it was revealed they had hooked up with the girls from the same friendship group and things got nasty.

So one of these guys started sending flirty text messages whilst he had a girlfriend. I was constantly replying with “ok” and any other one word responses you can think of. He never got the hint that I wasn’t really interested. I was sixteen and not responding was clearly not a logical response in my shallow mind.

A few weeks later I received an inbox on Facebook from his girlfriend with a very stern word about keeping clear of her man. I mean sure, your man is chatting up other girls but whatever.

Their relationship lasted a few years and just recently they split. Which only meant one thing, he came running back for more. He bluntly requested nudes and underwear photos which is just rude in my books. My silence in this conversation was followed by a few “Why aren’t you responding to me?” questions and eventually it ended.


There is a guy, who I classify as a boy in my books who is head over heels for me. The attention is a lot. But he asked me what I thought of him once, I simply stated that he’s a good guy but he will only ever be a friend because he doesn’t fit my ‘manly’ type. Everyone has a type but apparently I was his…

I guess he thought a few months would go by and he could try for round two and send me Snapchats of his underwear – not exactly model material though. He continues to declare his lust for me and I continue to decline, continuously.

So guys, what is it I have to do before you all realise that I’m not interested in the first place? I am a girl with a type and no ugly, child looking male will ever tick my boxes.

I will not be your rebound.

I will not be objectified.

I will not respond to you if request a nude – I am not a porn star.

I am not cheap and I do not appreciate the unwanted attention.

I am not even on Tinder and this shit still happens – get a life guys!

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  1. you should be straight up about not liking someone. If you’ve gone on a date with someone and they keep talking to you with interest, but you don’t feel the same way.. tell them that!
    sure, guys will eventually give up, but it’s harsh to put guys through the doubt and mystery.


    • Jim, I never went on a date with any of them. These guys upfront think I have an interest in them (which I don’t), then they send me dick pics and request nudes and I just ignore them.


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