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Seven whole days since I re-joined the Tinder cult. Friends told me not to, but my blog told me to totally do it. But I don’t really have any stories yet, the limitations that I set for myself have restricted my swiping and led to semi decent human beings.

Semi decent people can be fabulous, knowing who is a fuck boy and who isn’t is the hardest part. Surely people could publish this in their bio – it’d be much appreciated. It would save me time wondering how to ask you about your intentions.

K thanks.

Apart from enduring really pointless conversations and reminiscing on the old language of MSN, nothing has really struck my fancy.

One of my best friends is stuck in the honeymoon phase and we spent yesterday shopping and every five seconds I heard “text message from babe”, “let me ask my babe” and “do we have time to go and watch babe?”


I remember just how much I loathe pet names.

I believe that and my previous three-week male detox has led me to feel like dating is a complete waste of time. I think I just became self-reliant and too stubborn to let my guard down. This whole era of dating that I live in is majorly based around casual sex and casual dating and when that’s not your scene then you just deal with it.

As a strong, independent and sarcastic female – I just don’t have time for the bullshit of casual anything.

I just do what I do.

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