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Throughout my years as a teenager, drama was my middle name and the more I uncounted it, the more I came to loathe it. The amount of dramatic experiences I’ve witnessed and experienced has led me to literally feel like I could create the new teenage drama series like Gossip Girl (but without the elaborate price tags).

These days, I’m more of a sticky nose. I love to know everything about everyone but I use the information selectively I suppose. I talk, stalk and my brain is full of so much useless information.

My stalking skills excel on the daily. I’ve become the go to person amongst my pals to stalk someone. All they give me is a name and a photo and I can usually find them online within a day.

Last night this guy kind of dared me to try to find his Instagram, but I found it few days ago and it literally shocked him a bit. Making people speechless and all I did was tell them their surname.

So my friends, I’ve considered sharing my hidden skills with you – but that would defeat my status amongst my people.

It’s a skill.

People tell me I should join the CIA or the FBI, then again people tell me I should have a column and write for Elite Daily as well.

So what is it like to have the ability to stalk to a great extent? Sometimes it is scary, like I can know everything about a guy on Tinder before he tells me. Learning of deal breakers prior to actually knowing the person has its pro’s and con’s. Stalking on behalf of my friends can also be bad, I make presumptions and tell them what I’ve found instead of showing them.

But scaring the living daylights out of people is pretty entertaining.

Even better when they become insulted that you didn’t throw them a follow on Instagram!

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