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The Blog Life

So I write about people, experiences and my opinions. A lot of it is useless information and a lot of it is just laying the truth out on the table. I know for a fact that my friends read my posts and on occasion I receive some random emoji’s within moments of a new post. It’s all really flattering.

Then there’s the time my pal mentioned that he had sent my blog link around the office. Not only is his office of a rather large population but it’s also full of well-educated people. It got me thinking that we are all in fact the same, even if there are 5 pieces of paper and a 7 year age gap. The struggle is real in this dating world.

So when all these people read my gibberish and make sense of it, it’s amazing. It’s amazing knowing that someone else can relate or even understand.

I swear to god sometimes this sounds so anti-online-dating.

But having this blog alongside my online dating adventures has its ups and downs. But there’s a lot of grey area that is often misunderstood. As some of you may know, there’s a link to my blog – this blog – in my Instagram bio. I like to think it’s a quick way for people to find my blog and have a glance. But it also makes me cautious of who I follow.

For instance, linking my Instagram to my Tinder account only led from awkward conversation to the lightening bolt unmatch. It gave guys the ultimate deal breaker and probably gave me a needy and complicated persona. “Oh so you have a blog?” within seconds they had disappeared. But I don’t think I’m either needy or complicated, I like to think I’m the polar opposite. I just have a habit of attracting fuck boys and using these random’s as inspiration for my blog. Occasionally I get a bit annoyed and feel like this is all it’ll ever be, just bitch after bitch about what fuckwit asked for a nude.

Stalking people also has consequences, like the very, very few times I’ve accidentally liked a photo from 174 weeks ago. It’s those random likes that let someone know you stalked and usually it’s returned with a stalk of its own. Thus, another click on the link. Then a direct message on Instagram relating to a post or something absurd that I had written. Then there’s the people I follow, usually a follow comes with a follow back and in this day and age that ideal for a good stalk. But that leads to questions as well.

So apart from the fact that this blog is the ultimate deal breaker and the biggest question generator of all time, this is what I like to think of as a diary for me. I mean there is so much documented on here and those archive folders are only going to keep growing.

But here’s the thing, a lot of people quote me.

I don’t mind if you quote me, yolo. But my memory is not that of an elephants and I’m not J.K. Rowling who spent months or years writing her manuscripts to Harry Potter. I am just Claire. I write a post in half an hour and sometimes I even put the effort in to edit it. Sometimes I even edit it a few days after I posted it because I came across a spelling or grammar error.

But I don’t remember shit I write about, so don’t quote me to me you stupid fools!

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