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Statistically speaking, this year has been great so far. Like I just checked my stats and three thousand, nine hundred and thirty-nine views have occurred on this marvelous blog that you are currently devouring with your eyes.



Getting back to reality, today I actually spoke to half a dozen human beings who have their contact details residing in my mobile telephone. Did that sound fancy or what?

Let’s talk about the infuriating, irrational and brutal letter. K?

According to Urban Dictionary, the fourth most popular description of “k” provides three different definitions.

  1. The response a girl uses when she is pissed off at you, if you don’t tell her what she wants to hear, or if you are just straight up annoying.
  2. The shortened version of “okay”.
  3. The letter people use when they are too lazy to say okay.

Once upon a time, I dated this guy – SURPRISE! Okay, yeah this was pre-Tinder. But on the few occasions when we had a disagreement, it usually escalated greatly because he was just too lazy to give a shit about anything and he would just ‘k’ me. Even in our person-to-person disagreements he would literally say ‘k’ and walk off.

The respect in our relationship was thrown out the door rather fast and my patience eventually ran out.

So unless you’re my Mother and have no comprehension of the connotation of ‘k’, have some respect say whatever the fuck it is you want to say.

Even if all you want to say is ‘ok’.

My second scenario for you, Tinder. Say you chat to someone and out of nowhere you get ‘k’, do you cut them loose or attempt to keep the conversation afloat? Because personally, I’d rather be like “CIAO BIATCH”. I don’t have time for your disinterest in the conversation.

But seriously, if people throw ‘k’ around in a Tinder conversation, how do any of you get laid? You cut any and all potential “Netflix and chill” candidates at the knees and leave them to die.


Then there are people who you have like an established understanding of sarcasm and you ‘k’ them purely because well, you’re both lazy but you either didn’t get the joke or you’re awaiting an epic retaliation. Like one of my closest pals, we ‘k’ each other all time and she can throw some nasty words at me but we drift on the same sarcasm level so it works.

But srsly, if you want to ‘k’ me…


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