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Meeting a total stranger is probably one of the most nerve-racking things that we all commonly do with the whole online dating saga.

Yesterday, I met up with this guy and to be perfectly honest I always jump to the worst case scenario and I was prepared to be stood up. It’s not a great feeling at all, I’ve only ever been stood up once and it turns out this guy continued to pursue me on different platforms of online dating and had completely forgotten about everything – even my profile pictures were the same. It’s even better that this guy sold himself in his bio for more than he is (he’s a victim of my stalking).

So getting back to my story, I thought I was going to be left hanging. But it turns out he was thinking the very same. So whilst he was early I walked in right on the exact time that we arranged.

Kudos for being prompt.

Like all first meetings – awkward silence is key. You talk, check your phones, talk some more and eventually the awkwardness passes and you laugh like hyenas.

At some point you say goodbye and you ponder about where you stand at that point of time. Do you hug? Do you kiss on the cheek? Do you shake hands? Well I just walked off because awkward situations and I are not pals. But then you continue to ask yourself what position you’re in, do you text first or wait? What if they never text? The scenarios are endless and I guess everything is a waiting game.

After all, we were just ‘hanging out’.

I think.

I’m just presuming everything right now. For all I know it could have been a date and I was the awkward one. I guess everything is interpreted differently by everyone, I’m just too chicken to confirm any of the possibilities. So I let it be all flow…

Flow is key.

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