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Netflix & Chill

I have the curiosity of a three-year old child and I’ve taken to using Tinder to fulfill my curiosity. So you usually swipe who you find attractive or whatever, but I swipe people I know just to find out where I stand on their radar.

Usually I swipe and we match instantly then I unmatch faster than you can say boo. But the other day I swiped and we didn’t match right then and there. So I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on with my life.

Then I got a message, so we matched after he swiped. I was busted and the conversation took a weird but not unusual turn I suppose. It went from an innocent conversation with major two-day delays to a question about a game I refereed followed by another innocent conversation and then he bought out the big guns and went all ‘Netflix and Chill’ on me.

So I naturally called the conversation quits.

Lucky me though, I managed to score his game once again and he turned all two-sided-bitch on me. The filth that came from his mouth was disgusting. Who knew not responding to ‘Netflix and Chill’ had such consequences.

It’s literally like we are in primary school again, back when a guy’s mean actions interpreted to “I like you”.

I also discovered that he spoke about me to his pals, how do I know this? Well because his mates asked me about things I had mentioned to him.

So whilst his mouth needs to be washed with soap, I am currently awaiting my next installment of fuckboy behaviour.

That my friends, is my story for the day.

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