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I have no idea if anyone noticed but a few weeks back or something, there was a blog with the word ‘banana’ within it. I made certain letters bold, just to make this one guy satisfied with himself.

This one guy is still around and still persisting that I write about a bananas because he thinks it’s such a weird word.

This guy is a goofball.

Over the past few weeks I have chomped up his internet data (so he says), encountered giraffes up close and indulged in one heck of a chocolate pizza. He’s a pretty rad guy.

Turns out Tinder can deliver the goods.

Then again he will probably read this post and his head may swell a bit.

This isn’t the first time this guy has been a topic or earned a mention in my posts though but it’s kind of cool that he doesn’t think much about what I write. Except for a comment I made weeks ago – that he uses against me all the time.

Then I ran into a bit of a ditch, like the ditch you get stuck in when it comes to the new guy and your ex. My ex and I are still good friends but everyone has their own views and opinions with how they somewhat handle or deal with their ex’s. The fact that there is a possibility of a minor confrontation so early in whatever relationship this is, it’s kind of scary and nerve-racking.

How awkward is it going to be?

I’m not even keen on introducing them; “Hey this is my ex.”

Yeah sure.

Maybe I’ll just leave them both in the dark…

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