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I’m sure making decisions is no one’s favourite task. But when you’re naturally an indecisive person, life just becomes a real life running track. We make habits, some of them can be good but some can be bad.

I am certainly not a fan of decisions, maybe I’m too cautious or stubborn but I’d rather stick to what I know than to venture off into a land of the unknown.

As an indecisive person, I have created bad habits such as skipping breakfast. I don’t skip it because I take a lifetime to eat at the crack of dawn, but because I won’t have enough time to select something to watch on Netflix whilst I drink my coffee.

Yet breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Being an indecisive person means that we hate planning. Everything is far too hard and to be honest, on the occasion that I do have to plan something – I usually pull out my hair stressing about everyone else enjoying the said plans.

As an avid food lover, I tend to stick to my true love of pasta – anything pasta. But then again, that depends on the restaurant and its menu. I hate deciding what to order and I look like a googly four eyed fool reading a menu. So going to a restaurant that I’m both comfortable and familiar with just saves me like half an hour.

I also struggle with outfits. Fashion is an ass, trends are silly and colour is the biggest bitch of them all. I hate colour with a passion and it annoys the living daylights out of my family. But black is slimming and easy. It saves me time and effort since you can never go wrong with black and black and a hint more of black. The whole monochromatic life is a lifesaver.

Just to add to my already troubling and indecisive nerves is the fact that I am short-sighted. This means that I require prescription glasses or contacts – I have both either way. But I also scored the added bonus of a chubby Asian face. When I smile my cheeks become related to a puffer fish and my eyes squint like you’ve just seen the sun. So picture that when I have to put glasses on, not only do my cheeks push my glasses practically onto my forehead but it makes wearing glasses pretty uncomfortable. This year, it took me a month worth of Thursday nights at the optometrist trying on glasses and smiling like the biggest SpongeBob fan known to mankind. Eventually I sold myself on two pairs of glasses, but I spent roughly six hours selecting what frames to get.

Sunglasses are just as bad too.

It is honestly the biggest time waster known to humans.

But maybe not as big a time waster as selecting something to watch on Netflix. That shit is hard af.

Like I can’t even decide what it is I want to be when I ‘grow up’.

This is shit.


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