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I feel like it’s been quite some time since my last blog post.

Probably hasn’t even been a week since I last posted though…

So I’ve been seeing this guy for a bit now – like a few weeks or something. It’s been great and somewhat adventurous thus far. I often wonder why people find me interesting though – I do nothing but eat and ramble about garbage most of the time. But this guy thanks I’m the bees knees so like, sure.

Everything is always up to interpretation though – like no two people are going to copy some chick flick or the best pal’s relationship habits and what not. But like everyone has to discuss when this will happen and when that will happen. Like right now I don’t even know how to explain what he is, like he’s just a guy that I hang around with for now, but is there a word that describes that?

Imagine if there was an international scale that people could use to differentiate where they stand in relationships. Back in like 2008 or something, there was a series of books I read, The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. For my group of friends and I, this was like the Holy Bible to us. Georgia had a whole scale of which went from holding hands to sex and it was made better by the fact that she was a fourteen year old English girl so it was always some absurd slang to us Australian’s. But it was a scale and it made it like a whole lot easier being able to tell what was what.

Just for a laugh, I’ve googled the ‘Snog-o-meter’ for your eyes to have you saying “wtf” on repeat in your head;

0.50 – Sticky eyes
1 .00 – Holding hands
2.00 – Arm around
3.00 – Goodnight kiss
4.00 – Kiss lasting over three minutes without a break
5.00 – Open mouth kissing
6.00 – Tongues
6.50 – Ear Snogging
6.75 – Neck Nuzzling
7.00 – Upper body fondling outdoors
8.00 – Upper body fondling indoors (in bed)
9.00 – Below waist activity (b.w.a)
10.00 – The full Monty

That was like a huge wow moment for me, I was such a childish teen!

But there is apparently no scale to explain what or how you introduce the guy you’re seeing/dating or whatever it is we are doing.

In the end it’s just some stupid label.

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