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The hardest part in life about being a female is the boundaries that society surround us with.

We are the prime time targets of sexual abuse, the weak as some people say. We are of a lesser value, so the pay cheque says. We don’t deserve all the parental and maternity leave, but we are blamed when a child is corrupt. We are objectified by males, but that’s okay apparently and we are continuously belittled.

Society have mixed views and opinions surrounding Hollywood and the people who come from it. Some people judge books by their covers and other don’t even give the book the time of day and base their opinions around the news and media and how that person is portrayed.

Sure Miley is a douche, but she knows what’s up and she knows she has some power to help make a change. They’re called influential people and they are shaping the way women think around the world – or at least I think so. Women like Miley, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Amy Schumer are not so much people I would steal fashion inspiration from, but they are those with the right mind-set and have the ability to influence society.

They all have a different way around it but they all portray women in power.

Because women have power, we are power.

Like dude, you sexist and anti-feminist humans wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us females.

So why are we always thrown in the trash can?

This is some feminist shit right here, but like it should all be about independence and power.

We hear so often about domestic violence and random rapes. We hear so much in Australia that the budget is cut for paid maternity leave. We hear so much about females dressing too sexually but then we hate on the women of religion that are entirely clothed.

Wasn’t there even a stage when dressing sexually was a thing just to use it as power over a male?

Pretty sure that’s called some form of seduction.

But as an independent female, I think that the world is fucked.

Equality will probably never happen and having a family and actually owning a house is actually becoming too hard a thought for females. I would hate to be a single mother, like you practically go at it alone and the government just rips the carpet from underneath your feet – multiple times.

So when are the people who run the countries going to take into account that we are just as valuable as men, that we are just as important?

We literally are the future, unless science is going to allow males to carry a child.

I wish people would get off their high horses.

Feminism is a movement, and it is just as big as the LGBT community.

But the chances of articles and photos of LGBT and Feminism aren’t going to remove themselves from my social media any time soon are they?

So, thank you to the assholes that run the world and those old-fashioned pricks that aligned their countries with old-fashioned rules.

Thanks y’all for ensuring females are just a thing.

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