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What’s Next?

A future is something I’ll never be certain of, like what career do I want?

When I was nine years old I aspired to be a lawyer, I think Legally Blonde got the best of me. When I was sixteen, I begun legal studies and my gosh – I hated it. Slowly I began to lean more towards digital design and photography.

Over time, my brother’s excelled in the sport of basketball and after listening to a few complaints from my parents about how expensive it was to obtain photographs of my sibling’s hobbies. It was around this time when I began my trial and error stage and opted to focus on sports photography.

Three years later (like as of today), my Facebook Photography Page is growing weekly and I’ve slowly expanded my target market. I owe a smidge of my success and my contacts to my youngest brother though – kudos!

So here I am, a qualified Graphic Designer and I’m totally not working in that industry. I was simply a lazy student who was accepted into several design courses before final exams – so I flunked them. This of course changed my ideal career further off the track.

Rewind to 2011 though, I had this epiphany that I could be a Games Designer. It’s be challenging and fun. But certain subjects in school didn’t work in my favour for that idea.

But now, I sit at my non-related work desk and think about the email I just got from some company offering me a chance to somewhat work with them. But photography isn’t everything – or at least it isn’t mine.

What will my photography become when my brothers stop playing basketball?

I’ve worked with Basketball Victoria, AUSA Hoops, an ex NBA player, local senior representative programs and the Australian Deaf Basketball Team.

But all of that was purely because my brother was a part of such great programs and helped me build contacts.

So when that stops, what is next?

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