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My birthday weekend has ended, but my sleep deprivation hasn’t.

I celebrated with an intimate dinner with my closest of pals and family. It was a catch up for some and a meeting for others. A lot of laughter was endured and the time passed so effortlessly. The cake was typically amazing though. Wouldn’t have minded going back for seconds of that.

I had a reminder about loyalty from an old friend this past weekend. He endured the unplanned and left his comfort zone for me, because he wanted to ensure I got home safely. It was very sweet of him. I’m lucky to see my old pal a few times a year, our schedule and distance makes everything a little difficult but we make our friendship work.

The guy that I’ve spoken about recently (I need a pseudonym for him), he hasn’t run away yet nor has he kept me from laughing. In the short time we’ve known each other, he’s been nothing but a kind gentleman. I know he still reads my blog, so HEY DUDE!

This could possibly become an entire blog about him.

Imagine that.

I can, for a fact tell you that I’ve deleted paragraph after paragraph on this blog and rewritten a dozen lines but hey – it’s Monday.

But finding a guy that pretty much sits on the same wave length as me is a pretty sweet deal. Not only does he spend his time being a complete clown but he understands my thoughts and my terrible auto correct fails. Even if he screenshots my failed attempt to correct myself by making mistakes after mistakes.

But when you find a guy who genuinely thinks you’re the bee’s knees and ensures your stomach is always full – odds are you keep him.

Keep those that let you eat, because food is bae and that shit always comes ‘before anything else’.

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