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Knowingly being the center of controversy isn’t the greatest thing in this small world. I mean what power do you have?

I received two messages yesterday, one stated I was a hypocrite and the other stated I was a disrespectful slutty whore. Not that I was really offended but then I dug some more and I discovered another indirect post to myself.

But just quickly guys, grammar and punctuation goes a long way my friends – maybe you should learn how to use spell check?

Now considering the only person in this whole controversy that reads my blog probably told a single person, it’s amazing that my blog statistics sky-rocketed yesterday. Going off of my previous weeks of statistics, my blog is mainly read by American’s. It’s sad to see that my Australian viewing only increased because of a single blog post. So instead of keeping it a small deal, you made it public and added a few hundred to my statistics – after the fact that blog post had been removed, very smart.

I’m not going to drown in the sorrows of losing “friends”, because “friends” wouldn’t send unwanted and unnecessary Snapchat’s to “friends”. Did you even think about how that would affect me? No, you didn’t.

You know how I can and will write something, you should have a great idea of the content I yearn for and you blatantly gave it to me in a matter of five minutes. Sure things can be manipulated or whatever, but that is why they are my opinions and my views. I do blog about people I know, people I’ve met and my experiences. You were an experience and you turned into a nasty memory, you play goody two shoes and then at the most unnecessary time you’ll probably catch me off guard and throw a hundred questions at me because you think you’re superior – whatever. Not even you can be mature sometimes.

I won’t apologise for your willingness to read my blog that was pretty much close to anonymous, you opted to share it amongst yourselves and instead of asking for an apology and to delete it, you made it a bigger deal than it is. I don’t mention names and clearly if you know the story behind it then you’ll get it. You cannot even call me immature because, let’s be honest here – I’m not the one who blew it out of proportion nor did I expect it to blow up almost a week after it was posted.

You cannot blame me for the fact it blew up when I wasn’t the one bitching on social media – that would be someone on your side of the fence. Why would I promote my own bitch session if it’s about someone swimming in the same ocean as me? If you had the slightest idea how toxic and sour some situations can become, then you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Right now, someone is promoting my blog with the intent of people reading what everyone has already had a bitch and moan about.

Because publicizing a nasty post makes sense.

But respect is a two-way street, maybe you should do as you preach, “friend”.

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